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Review policy

Sirelo.org is the biggest, independent moving platform. A part of the platform is the ability to find all moving companies and reviews about them. In addition, you can post your own review if you have moved yourself. Transparency is for us an important value and that is why we explain to you more about reviews on this page. How do we receive reviews on Sirelo and how do we check them? On this page you can find answers to the following questions:

How do reviews enter on Sirelo?

There are two different ways how reviews can enter on Sirelo. Someone that has moved can go to Sirelo and leave a review. This could be on his/her own initiative or the moving company has asked its client to leave a review.

Besides this we use our own networks. Through the years we have helped a lot of people with their move. After their move we ask those people to write a review for the moving company they eventually have chosen.

How are reviews on Sirelo checked?

Each review on Sirelo is individually checked. This is done manually by our team and by using an advanced software. This software is able to directly recognise certain patterns or something striking. Each review is tested on various criteria and based on these criteria the decision is made to post or not post a review. We on purpose do not provide which criteria, because this would only make it easier to create “fake” reviews.

Because Sirelo is an independent platform, we do not judge if the writer of the review is right or not. We do check a review, but cannot guarantee if the experience as described by the consumer actually happened like that. People share their experience from their perspective, when at the same time the moving company could describe it differently. A moving company could therefore leave its response on a review, to share his part of the story. A review is not deleted at the request of a moving company. It is up to the reader to determine if he takes the review into consideration or not.

It could happen that reviews are not written from an honest experience. Therefore, a review can be rejected if we notice one of the following matters:

  • The writer of the review works for the moving company or is somehow directly connected to the moving company and has therefore no objective opinion;
  • The writer of the review is working for a competitor of the moving company and has therefore no objective opinion;
  • The writer has written the review under pressure from the moving company; a client can decide itself if he/she leaves a review and should not be forced to;
  • The moving company offers the client a discount or other form of compensation for writing a (positive) review;
  • The company offers the employee a discount or other form of compensation when the client writes a (positive) review.

A review should be written from an honest experience, when the customer chooses to do so. When we find any of the above mentioned manners, the review will be rejected.

Can it be guaranteed that all reviews on Sirelo are genuine?

Unfortunately it is very difficult to determine whether a review is genuine or not. We cannot 100% guarantee if the reviews are genuine, because we ourselves were not present during the move. However, the aim of the reviews is that they provide a representative image of the company in question.

When we discover abnormalities in the patterns of reviews, we take extra measures to verify the review(s). In this case, we reach out to the client and when do not receive any confirmation in our attempts in verification, we can decide to reject the review. In addition, we implement extra random sample verification.