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Moving to Finland from Belgium

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Are you interested in moving to the icy country of Finland? You’re not alone, follow along with Helena’s story which takes her from Belgium to Finalnd. Read more about her experience and tips for you new movers.

We’d like to know the origin and destination of your move, and most importantly the reason of your move. How did you experience that?

We have bought a house in Finland and we wanted to take our own furniture.
We had to wait for the former owners in order to know what to take and what to leave behind in Belgium. The former owner changed their plans, so we had to adapt the amount of space we needed several times. We were so glad that we had a company that was flexible.
The company also offered some additional packing advice and products.
We needed to know in advance the dates in order to plan our own trip. This worked fine.

We hoped to find a company that took really care of items with special needs.


Choosing a good moving company is painful, we know that. How did you manage to find the perfect one among the thousands of existing ones?

We chose this company because of the price they offered and the additional information about the process. We were able to ask everything we wanted in order to be able to plan everything very good in advance.
We had read some good reviews about this company. It is a small family owned company.
We tried to find out how each company worked and how flexible they are.
We asked a few companies how they worked and how expensive they were. The large amount of belongings we could take abroad at a reasonable price convinced us.


Take us through the moving day – did everything go as planned?

The company informed us when they would come and promised us to call half an hour before arriving. They did.
When arriving in our house they gave a short explanation and checked with us what to move and what had to stay in Belgium. They offered additional advice on packing some fragile items and they had e.g. plastic to cover some items, boxes to move paintings…
They tried to fit as much in the ordered space. It looked a puzzle. In the end we changed our mind concerning a sofa. They were really flexible and allowed us to take it although they had stopped loading the truck.


What are 3 tips that you think could help others make their moving day less chaotic?

  • Ask advice about packing.
  • Pack glasses and plates with special material around the most fragile items.
  • Buy, borrow or rent good boxes to move your belongings.
  • In some items, like cupboards, you can store boxes. The company allows you to give items that they puzzle in the big cupboards.
  • Make your boxes not too heavy.
  • You can pack heavier things with pillows or other big light items.
  • Cover fragile floors in your house.
  • Maybe move your washing machine in advance in your house, because it loses water.

About this move 🔍

Helena moved from Oud-Heverlee (Belgium) to Kuopio (Finland). For this move Helena used the removal service of Harry Van Rooijen Verhuizingen.