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Moving to Belgium

From Austria

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Nuria opened her journey to us, inviting us along as she moved from Linz, Austria to Antwerp, Belgium. She gave helpful advice on how best to plan for a successful move and even shared tips from the process itself! Immerse yourself in the story of this unique experience and learn more about what it’s like moving abroad.

What were your reasons for moving? What was the experience like?

My husband found a better job in Antwerp, Belgium so we decided to move. Once we had everything packed up and stored (and I knew the volume of what needed to be transported) I could fill the form on Sirelo and got some quotes from some moving companies. We had chosen Wildenhofer because they were very professional and had a thorough assessment of our specific needs and ask every detail, but they were not available at the time we needed, so we ended up choosing a suggestion from a friend in Austria called Prechtl Transport.

What made you choose this mover? Did you do any research?

It was a little difficult to find the right service in Austria because we don’t speak German. I asked the storage company for recommendations and did some research online. Finally, I filled the form on Sirelo and soon I got some responses and quotes. We were about to hire Widenhofer (contacted through Sirelo) even though they had higher prices they seemed very professional, but we ended up picking the suggested Prechtl Transport, because they gave us a good price and were available sooner.

Take us through your moving day – did everything go as planned? What worked and what didn’t?

Luckily everything went just as planned the day of the move. A couple of friends had to be at the storage at 8:00 to help load the truck – now we’re owing them some gifts; and 10 hours later the truck was here. We helped unloading the truck and taking things upstairs and we were done in an hour. Even though the guy didn’t speak English, he was very friendly, and we were able to communicate. Nothing was broken in the process; no back was hurt. It was a bit tiring but successful experience!

Based on your experience, what are your top tips you’d like to share to help others for their own moves?

  • Label the boxes with numbers and list their content. Take pictures of them before they are taken by the moving service company, it will help you find things after.
  • If you can, put your things in a storage room, that makes it easier to estimate the volume which is the first thing the moving companies will ask, and easier for the moving company to load the truck the day of the moving.
  • Don’t throw away the boxes, once you’re done, fold them back and store them just in case for next time, some things are very difficult to pack safely if you don’t have the original box.

Nuria and her husband’s move to Belgium is a testimony to the fact that planning ahead, combined with selecting the right moving company, are essential for any successful international move. We couldn’t be more delighted that all went according to plan and wish them lots of happiness in their new home!

Thank you for your valuable insights!